Use mouse to swipe up, left, right or down to interact in this very short game !!

Voices by:

Elizangela Sales

Nery Souza

PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Hand-drawn, Horror, Minimalist, My First Game Jam, Short


Zelador.apk 28 MB

Development log


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At first I thought the game was a loop.
When I saw the blood ,I understood that it wasn't.
I kind of didn't understand the end

I commented on your video, thanks for playing!!

Your welcome

This game was... Weird. Not really scary. After all, it wasn't atmospheric, it didn't have creepy music, and the fact that there was footprints and blood puddles coming up again and again just confused me, rather than scared me. There was also a buzzing that became louder and louder each time I went to mop up the footprints/blood puddles. I got a little shiver from that, but it was more an ASMR shiver rather than a creeped out shiver. If it had more scary music and and a dark atmosphere, then maybe I would've liked it and even gotten scared from it! Also, I think a loud noise would've helped with the surprise of the skeleton.